Mexico City open letter

Cancelation of the Chess Grand Slam in Mexico

As we have informed you several days ago, there will be no Chess Grand Slam competition in Mexico. Today we received the official cancellation letter from the Grand Slam Chess Association. Here is the full unedited text of the letter.

Distinguished Members of
Chess Grand Slam International

Tournament Representatives

CORUS of Wijk aan Zee, Holland.

City of Linares, Linares, Spain.

M-Tel Masters of Sofía, Bulgaria.

Final Chess Master of Bilbao, Spain.

Mexico City, May 16 2008

Dear Sirs,

I regret having to write the following, since I had hoped this letter would describe the contents and progress of the Mexico City tournament, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

I have done everything in my power to arrange for the Grand Slam Tournament in Mexico, which is why I have taken so long to cancel it, but I cannot wait any longer and I would like to take advantage of the fact that the main organizers of the Grand Slam are in Sophia in order to inform you of my decision.

I have organized several major chess events, in addition to many other cultural, artistic and musical events for many years, with professionalism and success, including the three major Chess Festivals in the Mexico City Zocalo, in which over two million people participated.

However, despite my reputation and prestige as an organizer, I have been unable to persuade government to participate in our project again. As a result of the disastrous handling of the World Chess Tournament in Mexico City, in which, as you know, I did not participate, the chess world in Mexico was severely damaged. I did everything in my power to reverse this situation, but despite all my efforts, failed to do so. That is why I have made this decision which is not good for Mexican chess or myself yet which was the only possible one, particularly after a series of chess events that have tarnished Mexico’s reputation.

After the unpleasant experience of Morelia, in which they took two years to pay me, and ended up excluding me from my own project, I am not prepared to pay for things with my own money without knowing when I will be able to recoup it. I am an entrepreneur and can invest money, as I have done several times in the past but I am not a magnate or irresponsible. Given the lack of decision on the part of the authorities, I cannot afford to run risks.

On the other hand, I would particularly like to thank the friends who had faith in me and accompanied me in this endeavor as far as possible. I am particularly sorry to have disappointed them and words do not suffice to thank them for their loyalty or to pay them back for having jeopardized their prestige and defended this cause which, despite their efforts, has entailed an enormous setback for chess in Mexico.

Lastly, I would have preferred to be there with you and discuss all this personally, but this situation was only decided a few hours ago at the highest level.

I am grateful for your trust in Mexico and I deeply regret any damage this decision may have caused.

Warmest regards,

Hiquíngari Carranza

Grand Master International

Mexico City

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Radjabov to be the sixth player at the Grand Slam final

After a short discussion among the GS members, it has been decided that Radjabov will be the sixth candidate for the Grand Slam final. It is based on the fact that he has participated in the GS tournaments until now and that he has had good performance in them. Other names that have surfaced in the discussion have been Gata Kamsky and Alexei Shirov, but all factors have indicated that Radjabov is the right person for the sixth spot.