Corus day 3

Carlsen and Wesley So win the voting

As announced yesterday, your votes will be counted when considering which games to comment on during the Corus tournament. The results from the round 3 voting are in:

1. Wesley So 33%

2. Magnus Carlsen 18,5%

3. Krishnan Sasikiran 8%

4. Gata Kamsky 6%

5. Teimour Radjabov 6%

6. Yifan Hou 6%

7. Fabiano Caruana 6%

Votes were also received for Karjakin, Harika, Ivanchuk, Dominguez, and Gupta.

These results of the poll show that the games commented in round 3 will be Anish Giri – Wesley So and Magnus Carlsen – Sergei Movsesian.

The voting for round 4 is now open, click here to submit your votes. The players with most votes will be commented in the next round.

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Round 3 pairings

Corus A round 3

M. Carlsen – S. Movsesian

L. Aronian – D. Stellwagen

V. Ivanchuk – T. Radjabov

S. Karjakin – W. Yue

L. van Wely – J. Smeets

G. Kamsky – A. Morozevich

M. Adams – L. Dominguez

Corus B round 3

K. Sasikiran – R. Kasimdzhanov

D. Reinderman – H. Yifan

N. Short – E. l’Ami

A. Volokitin – F. Vallejo Pons

H. Mecking – J. Werle

A. Motylev – F. Caruana

D. Navara – Z. Efimenko

Corus C round 3

D. Howell – R. Pruijssers

F. Nijboer – T. Hillarp Persson

O. Romanishin – M. Bosboom

A. Giri – W. So

A. Gupta – A. Bitalzadeh

E. Iturrizaga – F. Holzke

M. Leon Hoyos – D. Harika