Corus 2009 day 2

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Welcome to the Corus 2009 round 2 live coverage on! As we saw yesterday, no one should be underestimated in this year’s edition of the Wijk Aan Zee tournament. The underdogs Smeets, Harika, Navara, Karjakin, and Bosboom proved this yesterday.

Today we will have one commented game live and this will be Stellwagen – Carlsen. As tomorrow GM Iotov returns to the studio, we will be back to more commented games. The new thing is that the users will decide which game they want to see commented. Voting happens in this section of the forum, simply leave a message with the player you want to be commented live on Monday.

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Corus 2009

Pairings round 2

Full pairings and results here

Corus A round 2

S. Movsesian – M. Adams

L. Dominguez – G. Kamsky

A. Morozevich – L. van Wely

J. Smeets – S. Karjakin

W. Yue – V. Ivanchuk

T. Radjabov – L. Aronian

D. Stellwagen – M. Carlsen

Corus B round 2

R. Kasimdzhanov – D. Navara

Z. Efimenko – A. Motylev

F. Caruana – H. Mecking

J. Werle – A. Volokitin

F. Vallejo Pons – N. Short

E. l’Ami – D. Reinderman

H. Yifan – K. Sasikiran

Corus C round 2

R. Pruijssers – M. Leon Hoyos

D. Harika – E. Iturrizaga

F. Holzke – A. Gupta

A. Bitalzadeh – A. Giri

W. So – O. Romanishin

M. Bosboom – F. Nijboer

T. Hillarp Persson – D. Howell