Carlsen – Karjakin and Wesley So – Leon Hoyos featured games

live commentary from Corus Wijk Aan Zee

Today’s round in Corus A is theoretically the most interesting situation in a round robin tournament. The top seeded player, GM Magnus Carlsen, will face the leader of the standings, GM Sergey Karjakin, in the long awaited battle of the generations in group A.

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Wesley So and Manuel Leon Hoyos surely have wings after their victories yesterday, against Iturrizaga and Bitalzadeh respectively. Victory will be both players primary goal and fierce chess is awaited in the top clash of group C.

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GM Wesley So and GM Magnus Carlsen’s games voted again by the audience

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Corus 2009

Welcome to the round 4 live coverage of Corus 2009 on! One more day GM Wesley So fans showed devotion and the young Filipino collected 48,5% of the votes. The second game of the day will be of GM Magnus Carlsen, who collected 18% of the votes.

Third position with 3-4% each was shared by Kasimdzhanov, Kamsky, Caruana, and Sasikiran. Votes were also received for Bitalzadesh, Yifan Hou, Efimenko, Iturizzaga, Navara, Harika, Aronian, and Dominguez.

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Round 5 voting is now open and it will give a chance to more players to be commented as GM Christian Bauer (2610) will also join the commentators team. The fans will have 2 days for voting and the results are unpredictable.

In order to vote:

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The voting section

Corus 2009 discussion

Round 4 live commentary

GM Vladimir Dimitrov (who will comment the upcoming Topalov – Kamsky match live on Chessdom) will be the commentator for the Corus A game between GM Levon Aronian and GM Magnus Carlsen.

GM Valentin Iotov will exclusively comment GM Wesley So – GM Abhijeet Gupta. GM Iotov is from the same generation of young talents. He is well acquainted with the style of both players and has actually played with GM Gupta during the U12 World Championship in Oropesa. “I didn’t get opening advantage with the white pieces and later on I went to win an interesting pawn ending.”

Since this game GM Iotov has won multiple strong championships, made 5,0/5 in the first rounds of the Olympiad in Dresden, and was champion of Bulgaria in 2006.

Corus day 3

Carlsen and Wesley So win the voting

As announced yesterday, your votes will be counted when considering which games to comment on during the Corus tournament. The results from the round 3 voting are in:

1. Wesley So 33%

2. Magnus Carlsen 18,5%

3. Krishnan Sasikiran 8%

4. Gata Kamsky 6%

5. Teimour Radjabov 6%

6. Yifan Hou 6%

7. Fabiano Caruana 6%

Votes were also received for Karjakin, Harika, Ivanchuk, Dominguez, and Gupta.

These results of the poll show that the games commented in round 3 will be Anish Giri – Wesley So and Magnus Carlsen – Sergei Movsesian.

The voting for round 4 is now open, click here to submit your votes. The players with most votes will be commented in the next round.

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Corus 2009 discussion

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Round 3 pairings

Corus A round 3

M. Carlsen – S. Movsesian

L. Aronian – D. Stellwagen

V. Ivanchuk – T. Radjabov

S. Karjakin – W. Yue

L. van Wely – J. Smeets

G. Kamsky – A. Morozevich

M. Adams – L. Dominguez

Corus B round 3

K. Sasikiran – R. Kasimdzhanov

D. Reinderman – H. Yifan

N. Short – E. l’Ami

A. Volokitin – F. Vallejo Pons

H. Mecking – J. Werle

A. Motylev – F. Caruana

D. Navara – Z. Efimenko

Corus C round 3

D. Howell – R. Pruijssers

F. Nijboer – T. Hillarp Persson

O. Romanishin – M. Bosboom

A. Giri – W. So

A. Gupta – A. Bitalzadeh

E. Iturrizaga – F. Holzke

M. Leon Hoyos – D. Harika

Corus 2009 day 2

you can choose the live games for tomorrow

Welcome to the Corus 2009 round 2 live coverage on! As we saw yesterday, no one should be underestimated in this year’s edition of the Wijk Aan Zee tournament. The underdogs Smeets, Harika, Navara, Karjakin, and Bosboom proved this yesterday.

Today we will have one commented game live and this will be Stellwagen – Carlsen. As tomorrow GM Iotov returns to the studio, we will be back to more commented games. The new thing is that the users will decide which game they want to see commented. Voting happens in this section of the forum, simply leave a message with the player you want to be commented live on Monday.

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The voting section

Corus 2009 discussion

Corus 2009

Pairings round 2

Full pairings and results here

Corus A round 2

S. Movsesian – M. Adams

L. Dominguez – G. Kamsky

A. Morozevich – L. van Wely

J. Smeets – S. Karjakin

W. Yue – V. Ivanchuk

T. Radjabov – L. Aronian

D. Stellwagen – M. Carlsen

Corus B round 2

R. Kasimdzhanov – D. Navara

Z. Efimenko – A. Motylev

F. Caruana – H. Mecking

J. Werle – A. Volokitin

F. Vallejo Pons – N. Short

E. l’Ami – D. Reinderman

H. Yifan – K. Sasikiran

Corus C round 2

R. Pruijssers – M. Leon Hoyos

D. Harika – E. Iturrizaga

F. Holzke – A. Gupta

A. Bitalzadeh – A. Giri

W. So – O. Romanishin

M. Bosboom – F. Nijboer

T. Hillarp Persson – D. Howell

Corus 2009 day 1

Carlsen – Radjabov, Volokitin – Caruana, Nijboer – Wesley So live on Chessdom

Corus 2009

The first round of the Corus chess tournament begins at 13:30 CET. will provide live commentary. The featured game of group A will be Carlsen – Radjabov, the game of group B Volokitin – Caruana, and the game of group C Nijboer – Wesley So.

You can find the live game links and all Corus 2009 related information in the upper left hand corner of the page.

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